Campus Technology Policies and Standards

Campus Policies

Acceptable Use of Computing and Information Technology Resources Policy

Outlines the acceptable use of computing and information technology resources.

Breach of Information Notification Policy

Ensures that the university meets its disclosure obligation in the event of an inappropriate release of sensitive, personal information.

Computer Management Policy

Outlines the requirement for university-computers to be connected to a centralized computer management system.

Computer Security Policy

Outlines regulations needed to maintain a safe and secure computing environment.

Data Confidentiality for Contractors Policy

Ensures that employees and contractors understand their responsibilities for protecting data during the performance of contracted services. 

Data and Media Sanitization Policy

Ensure that electronically stored data is not improperly released or accessed by unauthorized users. 

Digital and Media Copyright Compliance Policy

Ensure UNLV is in compliance with the copyright provisions in Section 487 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Employee Email Account Policy

Outlines the requirements for university business conducted via email by UNLV employees.

Mobile Application Implementation Policy

Outlines the circumstances under which someone must seek formal approval before developing or purchasing a mobile app.

Network Access Compliance Policy

Outlines regulations about placing systems on the UNLV network and methods of access to those systems.

Password Policy

Ensures that access to university systems is consistent with security best practices.

Software Licensing Policy

Ensures that UNLV remains in compliance with its software licensing agreements.

Student Email Policy

Outlines the requirements for email communications with students via their official [name] accounts.

Technical System Administration Policy

Ensures that university systems and the data they contain are secure and in compliance with federal, state, and NSHE statutes, regulations and/or policies.

UNLV Today & Official Email Lists

Details the policies and procedures for submission and subscription to these email lists.

Web Hosting Policies & Guidelines

View domain name policies, web style guides and more at the Web Communications page.

Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) Policy

Outlines regulations and procedures for approving and managing wireless network systems on UNLV properties.

OIT Standards

Software Installation in Computing Facilities

Details the request procedures and policies

Software Installation Policy for UNLV Computers

Outlines types of software appropriate for UNLV computers

Wiring Standards

Outlines the wiring specifications construction consultants are responsible for following at UNLV. The IT Infrastructure Responsibilities & Services interim policy details additional specifications.

Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Policies

NSHE Computing Res​ources Policy (PDF)

Policy covering use of Nevada System of Higher Education computing resources for instructional, research, and administrative activities.