Computing Account - ACE


Account is available to:

  • Students
  • Faculty

Supported by:

Computing accounts provide students with access to campus computer labs using their ACE username and password. A computing account comes with the following features:

  • Access to WebCampus, UNLV's online course content system.  
  • Computers and software in any general-use computer lab
  • Over 2,400 video tutorials to learn everything from software to business skills from
  • Printing in computer labs. All accounts start with an initial Print Balance of $1.00. Every time you print in a general computer lab money will automatically be deducted. The cost is $0.03 for every black and white and $0.40 for every color print per page. Add money to your account with your RebelCard (cash is not accepted).
  • Personal File Storage: Receive 100 MB of storage space, commonly referred to as a Home Directory, on the network server. By saving your work on the network you can access your files from any computer on or off campus!
  • Personal website: use your network home directory to host your own website.
  • Class files: Many instructors have course materials accessible on the network file storage, referred to as the Classes Drive. Contact the help desk or your instructor for more information.

In the future, other accounts, such as Rebelmail, will use your ACE account as well. 

Create a new account:

Students will receive their account username and password to their personal email once they are admitted to UNLV. You must be enrolled in classes to access some services. If you do not know your ACE account, please contact the IT Help Desk

Employees and teaching faculty may need to contact the IT Help Desk to have access computer labs and certain network resources added to their ACE account privileges. You must have instructional needs for the account.

Change your password:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your ACE username and password. 
  3. Select ACE Self-Service
  4. Select Change Password
  5. Enter the required fields
  6. Select Change Your Password

Forgot your password?

  1. Visit
  2. Click the Forgot your Password? link
  3. Enter answers to your security questions
  4. Reset your password. 

If you did not create account security questions or cannot remember your answers, contact the IT Help Desk to have your password reset. Then, follow the steps above to create or reset your account security questions. 

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