My receiver stops working in the middle of my presentation.

You will need to disable USB Power Save.

Windows XP

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Expand the “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” option.
  3. Double-click the first “USB Root Hub”.
  4. Click the “Power Management” tab.
  5. Uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.
  6. Click “OK”.
  7. Repeat for all of the USB Root Hubs.

Windows Vista/7:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Click on Power Options
  3. Under which ever power plan your computer is running on, click on "Change plan settings"

plan settings

  1. On the next window, click on "Change advanced power settings" (blue arrow)
  2. Open the "USB settings", then the "USB selective suspend settings". Make sure it is disabled. (red arrow)

power settings

Why might a students clicker not work (no battery life, or wrong channel)?

No Battery Life - The i>clicker system uses (3) triple AAA batteries.  Students will get a "low battery" light when the clicker has an estimated 10 hours left of useful life.  After that, the student will need to replace the batteries. Students often make the mistake of only replacing two of the batteries, the third battery which often isn't seen must also be replaced.  

How do you replace batteries?

The battery compartment is on the back of the i>clicker remote and can be opened using a paperclip or pen cap. Open the compartment, remove and replace the batteries. No screwdriver or special device is required.

Students Clicker ID not Visible?

Some students that have bought their clickers off ebay, or that have had their clickers for a while may find it diffitult to read the clicker ID off the back of their clicker.  Faculty can download the Clicker ID Lookup application that allows them to remotely determine the students clicker ID.  Just go to the Instructor Downloads page and install the application - 

Wrong Channel

If you have chosen a non-standard frequency (e.g. BA) in Settings and Preferences, i>clicker will alert your students to this change when you begin polling. Students will be instructed to:

  • Press the On/Off (power) button on their clicker until the blue Power light begins flashing (about 2 seconds).
  • Press the new two-letter code (that you’ve designated in your Settings/Preferences). A green Vote Status light will indicate your students have successfully reset their remote frequency.

The entire process takes about 3 seconds. This code will remain in place for the duration of the lecture/session (as long as the remote is on). Students will need to repeat this procedure for every lecture, which is why setting one code for the entire term will be easier to administer and communicate. Directions for changing a remote’s frequency are on the back of every remote. You may also adjust or disable your frequency change alert preferences via Settings/Preferences.

What if my computer locks up in the middle of a presentation?

The Iclicker software is very robust and typically there are no problems, but if you do experience a computer that freezes, or the software needs to be restarted, simply relaunch iclicker.exe, select your course, and choose the "Resume Last Session" option.  The data will save automatically.

What is the difference between the blue and white remotes? Can I replace the blue remote if it has been lost?

There are no technical differences between the blue and white remotes, the color difference simply allows you to keep track of your own remotes. The white remotes are those sold to students, we do not sell the blue remotes to students. Each instructor kit includes two blue remotes (one for the instructor’s remote function and one as a possible loaner to students).

A white remote can be substituted for the blue remote without loss of functionality. However, if you require a replacement for your instructor’s remote, please contact Classroom Technology Services M-F 8am-5pm at (702) 895-0771 or email

What is the “instructor’s remote” and what does it do?

The blue instructor remote looks and functions exactly like the white student remote until you (the instructor) designate it as your instructor remote via the iclicker software (in Settings/Preference). Once enabled, your 5 clicker choices (A, B, C, D, E) become control commands, thus allowing you to control polling and your presentation from anywhere in the room. It also enables you to use the remote as wireless mouse in advancing/retreating your presentation slides. Instructor remotes come with stickers that you can affix to your remote as a reminder to the control commands.

How do I enable the “instructor’s remote”?

To designate any i>clicker remote as an “instructor’s remote,” you must enter the remote ID in field #5 (Designated Instructor’s Remote) of General Settings and Preferences. The remote ID is the unique 8-character serial number on the back of every i>clicker remote. If you plan to use the same instructor’s remote regularly, select “Set for Course” in the Settings/Preferences. If you plan to use the remote for just one session, then choose “Set for Session.”

What if my receiver breaks?

i>clicker has a very low defective rate for their receivers (less than .0125%), however we are are always happy to help troubleshoot and/or replace a receiver you suspect may be defective. Contact Classroom Technology Services M-F 8am-5pm at (702) 895-0771 or email