Faculty Technology Advisory Board (FTAB)

Initiated in 2008, the purpose of FTAB is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the Information Technology Coordination Committee (ITCC) to facilitate identifying, and coordinating practices for the adoption and use of hardware, software and the technology infrastructure to enhance teaching and learning, strengthen the research environment, and improve administrative systems.

FTAB Charges

  • Under the coordination of OIT, participate in dialogues about technology issues as related to teaching and learning.
  • Participate in reviews of new instructional technologies and technology services and, where appropriate, make recommendations about adoption and implementation.
  • Participate in the process of creating a process for adopting learning technologies.
  • Assess information technology resources and services for faculty and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Assist with the ongoing refinement of information technology policies presented by campus constituents for discussion.
  • Assist with the prioritization and planning efforts related to technology in response to feedback from student and employee surveys.


  • Lori Temple, Chair of the Committee & Vice Provost, Information Technology.

Discipline Area Representatives

Allied Health Sciences

  • Vacant


  • Marcus Rothenberger, Professor - Management, Entrepreneurship & Technology


  • PG Schrader, Associate Professor - Teaching & Learning


  • Georg Mauer, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Fine Arts

  • Vacant

Graduate College

  • Neal Strudler, Professor - Teaching & Learning

Greenspun College of Urban Affairs

  • Julian Kilker, Associate Professor - Hank Greenspun School of Journalism & Media


  • Maria Jerinic-Pravica, Visiting Assistant Professor - English


  • Mehmet Erdem, Associate Professor - Hotel College Instruction
  • Ali Green, Assistant Professor - Hotel College Instruction


  • Matthew Wright, Law Librarian

Liberal Arts

  • Andrew Spivak, Assistant Professor - Sociology


  • Brian Schuck, Head, New Media


  • Mary Albrecht, WebCT & Web Manager

Office of Online Education

  • Anne Mendenhall, Assistant Director

School of Dental Medicine

  • Katherine Howard, Assistant Professor in Residence


  • Steve Lepp, Professor/Chair - Physics & Astronomy

Office of Information Technology Liason

  • Scott Menter, Classroom Technology Service Manager
  • Mark Kasselhut, e-Learning Coordinator

Reporting Structure

The group will receive charges from and make recommendations to the Information Technology Coordination Committee. The group will serve as a consulting and/or recommending body for specific initiatives and, where appropriate, will participate in activities sponsored by the Office of Faculty, Policy, and Research.

Meeting Minutes