Desktop Streaming

OIT has moved to for desktop stream access.

With our desktop streaming tool, a member of our support team can view your desktop as well as share control of your mouse and keyboard to help find a solution.

You may override or end the sharing session at any time. Please close or minimize any windows that contain confidential information as the technician helping you will be able to see all items on your computer screen as you work together.

You will be invited to complete a survey at the end of your desktop sharing session.

  • After you click the Start Desktop Streaming button, you will be prompted to accept the installation of this application.
  • Click Run when prompted. (You may be prompted twice)

Have you been provided with a Pin Code?  Enter session here.

Technicians: LogMeIn Rescue is due to expire on 4/28/2018. If you need access to our new support tool, please contact the help desk at 702-895-0777 or email ithelp [at] unlv [dot] edu.