Preparing for Digital Signage

OIT recommends the following steps as you consider and move forward with digital signage:

1. Do you need digital signage? 

The first step is considering if your school or department needs digital signage.

  • Do you want to provide timely information to students, faculty, or staff within your department?
  • Do you have a lot of traffic in your building or a location where digital signage would be appropriate?
  • Do you have a waiting area, where digital signage would provide information or entertainment to students?
  • Do you have a person that will be creating and updating content regularly?

2. Determine location and content

  • Consider the location that you’d like digital signage and consider the orientation for the sign (landscape or portrait).
  • Consider the type of content that you would like to show on the signs.
    • Is there a web page that you would like to show?
    • Do you send out flyers to your students or put together a newsletter and want to display content from that newsletter on the sign?

3. Decide on who will manage content and review content guidelines. 

Decide who will be responsible for creating and managing the content on your digital signage system. The content manager will be responsible for ensuring that content published on their sign(s) adheres to content guidelines and all university policies, including those on posting marketing materials, logo and mark usage, HIPAA/FERPA regulations, etc. 

4. Contact IT Hel​p Desk and schedule a consultation

Once you’ve gone through the previous steps, contact the IT Help Desk to schedule a digital signage consultation.

At the consultation, an OIT staff member will visit the location where you want to have digital signage installed and will evaluate location to determine what, if any, electrical/network infrastructure will need to be added. Based on the consultation, OIT will then coordinate with Planning and Construction to provide you with a quote for the purchase and installation of the equipment (player and display) and any construction/installation costs. 

5. Approve the purchase 

Once you approve the quote issued by Planning and Construction, OIT and P&C will coordinate the installation of your digital signage system. 

6. Attend training

Once the system is installed, OIT will provide training to your department's content manager on how to use the AxisTV content management software to upload and schedule content on your display(s).  

For additional support and training, your department will also have full access to Axis TV’s training series, including live webinars, and the UNLV Digital Signage Google Group, where you can collaborate with other campus digital signage users.

7. Publish content to your signs

After learning how to use AxisTV, you are ready to begin managing your own content. For help with your digital signage hardware or using the AxisTV software, contact the IT Help Desk.