Mailing List Request


You can create your own mailing list through Google Groups?
Creating a Google Group is an easy way to manage mailing lists, discussion boards, and more. 

Otherwise, if you need assistance with creating a mailing list, please fill out the form below.

Requester Information
Mail List Owner Information
Mailing List Identification

Provide a prefix for your mailing list address (-group [at] unlv [dot] edu will be appended automatically).
Example: psych101-group [at] unlv [dot] edu, unlvinfo-group [at] unlv [dot] edu, business.list-group [at] unlv [dot] edu

Provide a name that will appear in the UNLV Address Book and in the "from" line of the email.
Example: Psychology 101 Mailing List, UNLV Information, Business Mailing List

Provide a short description of the purpose of this mailing list for those who may not know what it is for.

Basic Mailing List Permissions

Join the Group
Select who can join the group.

View Topics
These users can view topics in this group.

These users can post messages to this group.

Moderate Posts
Moderated posts require approval before being sent out to the entire mailing list.

Mailing List Members

Provide the email addresses for any additional Managers.

If you have a list of members, please attach a spreadsheet with their email addresses.