Report a Data Breach

Suspect a data breach? Report it now.

Protecting data is everyone’s responsibility.

Everyone is responsible for protecting data they manage or access. If you suspect information may have been accessed by an unauthorized person, report it right away. Doing so helps protect potential victims while ensuring the university is compliant with applicable laws and policies. 

What to do if you suspect a breach

If you suspect a breach of sensitive information, you must report it to the Office of Information Technology. Once OIT has been notified of a suspected breach, it will be investigated, addressed appropriately, and reported in accordance with the Breach of Information Notification Policy.  For more information, including the policy text, procedures, and FAQs, see the Breach of Information Notification Policy.

Breach Notifications Within the Last 30 Days

There are no notifications at this time. 

Report a Suspected Data Breach

Please complete the following form to report a suspected data breach. Alternatively, please contact the Information Security Office at UNLV at (702) 895-0400.

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