Computer Labs

The UNLV Office of Information Technology (OIT) maintains 50 computer labs with some 1,500 computers available for academic use.

The labs provide access to the technology required by faculty and students in pursuit of teaching, learning and research. A Computer Lab Account is required for access.

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The UNLV computer labs offer hardware running Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


Each computer lab offers standard software packages such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite.

Many labs also offer specialized software such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD, AVID, Final Cut Pro, and SPSS.

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Types of Labs

General Use Labs

Labs open to all enrolled students. 10 labs total.

Specialized Use Labs

Labs with prioritized use and specialized software/hardware specific to a particular discipline. 6 labs total.

Mixed Instructional Use Labs

Labs which have specialized software/hardware and can be scheduled for classroom instruction. 13 labs are mixed instructional use.

Computer Teaching Labs

Labs which are used strictly for instruction and are typically dedicated to a department or college. 21 labs are teaching facilities.


UNLV Computer Lab Rules


Each computer lab is equipped with a B/W laser printer (some labs have color printers).

  • When your account is created, you are given a $1 credit towards printing. Black and white prints cost 3 cents each. Color prints cost 40 cents each.
  • When that initial $1 credit is extinguished, you will need to add funds to your RebelCash account, and all printing in the labs will then be charged to that account.
  • After sending your print job to the printer, you need to login to the print system to approve and release your print job.


Each computer lab is equipped with scanners. Scanning instructions are attached to each scanner lid.