Beware of phishing scams and protect your account with 2-Step Verification

As the spring semester and tax season begin, remember to be mindful about phishing attempts and other scams that may steal your private information. These attempts can appear to come from anywhere, even people you know, and often contain official-looking signatures.

We recommend taking the following steps to help protect yourself from phishing scams:

While OIT works to prevent phishing messages from reaching your inbox, you should also know the signs in order to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of phishing. Remember to think before you click:

  • Never enter any personal information, usernames, or passwords in response to an email or on a website that is linked to in an email, even from people you know.

  • Look for obvious grammar or spelling mistakes, but don’t rely on them to give away fake messages.

  • If you think a message might look odd, do not click on any links or attachments in the message. Contact the person it came from in some other manner (e.g., call them).

  • Watch for urgent calls to action, especially if they request your personal information. For example: “You must act now to verify your account.”

UNLV and OIT will never ask you for your password or other personal information through email. Report suspicious emails, phone calls, etc. immediately to the IT Help Desk at 702-895-0777 or ithelp [at] unlv [dot] edu.

For more information about phishing, please visit or view additional resources at

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the IT Help Desk.