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WebCampus Unavailable 8/13 to 8/17

New hardware has been purchased for WebCampus that will improve the speed of the service for users as well as provide more redundancy for both the application and database. This upgrade will result in no changes to the user interface as no changes are being made to the application. 

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Now Available 1st & 2nd floors, BEH

The 1st &The 1st & 2nd floors of BEH now have full wireless (Wi-Fi) coverage. The Office of Information Technology installed seven new access points on Monday, April 28th.

At the end of May, the 1st floor of BSL will have high-density Wi-Fi coverage as well, thanks to funding provided by the Law School.

OIT continues to expand Wi-Fi as funding becomes available.

Wireless customers maximize service with the right card

Looking for more speed and stability in your wireless connection? To get the most out of your new laptop, make sure to order one with an 802.11N 5Ghz card, also called A/B/G/N. All Apple computers currently ship with 802.11 A/B/G/N so there’s no need to change configurations when ordering a Mac Laptop.

Buy an operating system with your computer

In times of budget constraints, it is a good idea to cut costs wherever we can.  One place NOT to cut corners drastically is in computer purchases.  OIT recommends minimum computer specifications for computer purchases to ensure proper functioning with campus systems and applications, and to ensure maximized longevity of the computer.  Please review our recommendations before making purchases.  

Training Schedule for Summer 2009 Now Posted

The Summer 2009 OIT training schedule has been announced. Courses include an introduction to Office 2007 as well as classes covering Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Plan to buy a personal computer?

UNLV employees, if you plan to buy a computer for home use, be sure to check out deals offered by UNLV’s preferred vendors. Apple and Dell offer discounts to UNLV employees for personal purchases. The site also recommends minimum computer specifications, such as how much memory you should include in your purchase.  

Multimedia Services offers more than computer carts

Looking for a projector? A digital camcorder? A cassette player?  A cart with a TV and DVD player? These technologies are available for reservation through Classroom Technology & Media Services.

Lotus Notes Update

In the past several weeks there have been intermittent outages of Lotus Notes. Because these outages have usually involved only one of the seven Domino servers that host campus mail files, some users have been down while others have no problem accessing Notes. The outages have been caused by acknowledged bugs in Lotus Notes. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by these outages and have been working diligently with IBM to resolve the problem as described below.

Free Virus Protection Software Available

Symantec virus protection software is available for free to all faculty, staff and students. On campus machines, you can install the software yourself, or contact the IT Help Desk to have it installed for you. UNLV employees may also pick up a CD for home computers at the IT Help Desk and students may pick one up at the Student Help Desk.

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