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Print procedures change in computer labs & classrooms

This Fall, students will pay for printing in all computer labs, including computer lab classrooms.

Students will also use a new print system, called Virtual Release Station (VRS), which gives them more control over print jobs. To use the system, students will:

Get Cheap Software

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UNLV students can get great deals on software through the services listed below:

Free Virus Protection

Stop by the IT Help Desk, show your RebelCard, and pick up Symantec Antivirus for FREE.  Make sure you remove all other virus protection software before installation.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Now Available 1st & 2nd floors, BEH

The 1st &The 1st & 2nd floors of BEH now have full wireless (Wi-Fi) coverage. The Office of Information Technology installed seven new access points on Monday, April 28th.

At the end of May, the 1st floor of BSL will have high-density Wi-Fi coverage as well, thanks to funding provided by the Law School.

OIT continues to expand Wi-Fi as funding becomes available.

Wireless customers maximize service with the right card

Looking for more speed and stability in your wireless connection? To get the most out of your new laptop, make sure to order one with an 802.11N 5Ghz card, also called A/B/G/N. All Apple computers currently ship with 802.11 A/B/G/N so there’s no need to change configurations when ordering a Mac Laptop.

Free Virus Protection Software Available

Symantec virus protection software is available for free to all faculty, staff and students. On campus machines, you can install the software yourself, or contact the IT Help Desk to have it installed for you. UNLV employees may also pick up a CD for home computers at the IT Help Desk and students may pick one up at the Student Help Desk.

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