Services Catalog

The OIT Services Catalog is a list of the services that we provide to customers. The Service Catalog provides information about delivery expectations along with other pertinent information. It is an important tool to ensure accuracy and consistency of communications. Each catalog entry includes:

  • A description of the service
  • Service hours
  • Customer procedures on how to access the service
  • Delivery expectations
  • Links to additional information

The Service Catalog is updated on a quarterly basis. Please keep the following in mind:

  1. These services are subject to adjustment due to fluctuations in resources including funding and staff.
  2. Please plan accordingly based on the time frames provided for each service.
  3. These are our best effort guidelines, as always emergencies and critical issues take precedence.

Creation and support for various UNLV faculty, staff and student accounts. Password resets, account deletions, etc.

Program to increase technology skills for faculty and staff.

New building AV design. Work with Planning & Construction, Architects and AV consultants in regards to our AV standards and design specifications.

Maintenance and repair of AV equipment for delivery and in the TEC rooms.

Provide first-line support for audio visual technology in conference rooms, offices, etc.

Working with Planning & Construction on various room renovations. These rooms could include classrooms, conference rooms, video conference rooms and computer teaching facilities.

Small room renovations that involve audio visual equipment that can be done without Planning & Construction.

Scheduled delivery of AV equipment to classrooms without technology. Provide support in the use of delivered equipment in the classrooms.

Setup Lotus Notes calendar/email account and Blackberry applications. Troubleshooting of the connection to Lotus Notes.

Support for the Cable TV system on campus

Design, planning and procurement.

Installing technology into regular classrooms. Refresh of existing technology in Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Installation, configuration, setup, troubleshooting and repair of university owned computers & peripherals using Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Provide guidance in the purchase or upgrade of desktop computers.

Support by Computer Labs staff for administrative non-instructional areas that are student related.

Computer labs with Instructor stations and AV equipment. Reserved for specific classes.

Server co-location services.  This includes dedicated cooling, monitored and redundant power, advanced network and firewall services, monitoring and notificaiton services and access to servers.

Provide server hosting for Windows gile, web and application servers in its secure data center to campus academic and administrative departments.  This includes Windows server administration and hardware monitoring, in addition to file and system backup options.

Partnerships with Colleges and Schools in the operation of specialized computer labs.

Faculty staff email, instant messaging and calendaring service using Lotus Notes.

Student email services and other applications through Google Apps.

Provides hosting and administration services for on-campus enterprise servers and applications in a highly-available, secure and redundant environment.  Comprehensive enterprise systems and database administration services are provided for enterprise-level applications running on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X Server, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux.

Faculty and staff can use network storage on our Novell Netware System, also called the "Cluster."  It offers 1gb of network storage via a netware client installed on your computer or via the web at  Group storage of 5gb is also available for sharing files.

Requires Computing Account.  Students are provided 100mb of storage, ability to print in a lab using your Rebelcard account, personal website hosting, group accounts and class file access.

Computer labs with "open" hours available for any enrolled UNLV student to complete homework, research assignments and other activities.

IP cameras, network video, and network security.

The IT Help Desk serves as the single point of contact for students, faculty and staff technology assistance. They handle a variety of front line questions, problems and requests. Help requests needing a more detailed response are escalated to other OIT units.

Field service repair and maintenance. Administration of DHCP, DNS, VPN, LDAP, UNLVwireless. Cyclical equipment replacement. Continued enhancement to current services.

Monitor network traffic (both wired and wireless) and nodes (i.e. Servers) to ensure the health and welfare of the campus network. Ensure that rooms with network equipment are secure, generate access reports and provide access. Monitoring of environmental conditions (i.e. heat, humidity)

Activate network connections in offices, classrooms and other facilities.

Complete and approve wiring scope, drawings of all data rooms and specfications for all cabling, fiber, racks and network electronics.

A service designed to insure all new computer equipment purchases are received and functioning.

Extended assistance with hardware, software and many campus applications

Creation of free software CDs (i.e. antivirus) for faculty staff and students, at home office CDs for faculty and staff; self install software for faculty and staff (i.e. MS Office for their office computer).

OIT provides varying levels of support for software including installation, guidance on purchasing and general help with use.

Provide technical support in the use of technology supplied (i.e. computers, projectors) in TEC rooms. Maintain and repair equipment. Provide training to faculty as requested in how to use the technology in TEC rooms.

Provide basic functionality support of video conference rooms on campus.

Class creation, manual enrollment, password resets, general troubleshooting and help with use.