Communications & Creative Services


Trish Harrison

IT Communications Specialist

Rakitha Perera

Public Service Intern I


We develop strategic communications and professional designs to support the Office of Information Technology (OIT) mission. We primarily serve OIT staff to improve communications about technology initiatives through:

  • Communication planning
  • Content development & editing
  • Website development
  • Publication development
  • Reports, websites, forms, posters, graphics, charts, diagrams
  • Usability tests, surveys, focus groups

We collaborate with OIT staff, campus photographers, communication professionals, Reprographics, faculty, staff and students.


We follow the steps below to ensure projects are well-planned and successful.

  1. Research
  2. Develop goal(s) & strategies for each audience group
  3. Write & edit messages
  4. Design materials
  5. Test materials and plan
  6. Implement strategies
  7. Assess goal attainment