As Vice Provost for Information Technology, Dr. Lori Temple leads the Office of Information Technology. Don Diener, Associate Vice Provost for Information Technology, supervises several initiatives within OIT, including WebCampus, portal development, and security efforts. In the absence of the Vice Provost, Don Diener serves as leader of OIT. 

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The units below all support OIT's mission to support campus technology needs.

Applications Security Administration

The Applications Security Group processes security application forms, maintains security records, monitors enterprise data security permissions and undergoes regular internal and external data security audits. If you need access to confidential or restricted enterprise data, please submit your request online.

Client Services

Client Services supports the daily computing needs of faculty, staff and students. The group includes two help desks that serve as the “one stop shop” for their customers--assisting with activities such as software installation, password resets, network troubleshooting and printing issues. It also includes software training. DeAnna Shutt, Manager.

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IT Help Desk

Located in CBC B113 and SU 231, the IT Help Desk includes a mix of several full-time technicians and students. They complete password resets, software installations, and troubleshoot computing problems. Hector Ibarra and Angel Jimenez, Supervisors


Client Services employs a software training coordinator to help UNLV employees learn how to use Microsoft Office Products, Lotus Notes, and other key programs.

Desktop & Field Services

Desktop & Server Support repairs computer hardware and supports department file storage servers. If you are looking for a data storage solution, call the help desk and request consulting services provided by Desktop & Server Support. David Heiser, Manager

Information Security Office

The Information Security Office supports the mission of UNLV by helping to assure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of information. Charges of the Office include developing security policy, overseeing regulatory compliance, and increasing security awareness at UNLV. Vito Rocco, Senior Information Security Analyst.

Instructional Technology Services

Instructional Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for supporting and maintaining the technology in our computer labs and classrooms on campus. Darrell Lutey, Assistant Director.

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Computer Labs

ITS supports over 50 computer labs on campus. Our staff manage the computer lab spaces, supervise the student lab monitors, update the computer software, and adjust the environment based on student and faculty feedback.

Classroom Technology Services

Classroom Technology Services manages and maintains the technology in our TEC classrooms.  This group also delivers technology to classrooms which don't have technology permanently installed. This group also checks out equipment like digital video cameras and other technologies. Scott Menter, Supervisor


Network Development & Engineering

Network Development & Engineering (NDE) maintains and expands the UNLV network, coordinates network installation for new and renovated buildings, and installs new wireless locations.  Campus firewall services, DHCP, DNS and IP Telephony are also designed and supported by this group. NDE responds to network outages 24/7.  Lorita Chesler, Interim Manager

Operations Center

The Operations Center (OC) monitors the UNLV network to ensure that critical systems attached to UNLV's network work properly.  Staff in this group initiate emergency communications when critical systems fail. Cam Johnson, Manager

Software Development Group

The Software Development Group provides comprehensive software consulting and analysis to help clients specify and refine their enterprise application needs. This group provides services related to software acquisition, integration, and custom application development.

More details about Software Development

Working with its campus customers, the Software Development Group performs thorough enterprise software market analysis to determine if existing commercial packages will best satisfy a client’s requirements before committing to develop custom applications. When custom applications must be developed, the Software Development Group draws on its expertise in user interface design, object-oriented programming, database architectures, process modeling, secure coding, and software testing to deliver high quality, robust applications that meet or exceed user needs.

John Dudley, Software Engineering Services Manager

Systems Engineering and Administration Group

The Systems Engineering and Administration (SEA) Group provides comprehensive enterprise and departmental systems and database engineering and administration services including planning and growth projections, specification, hardware and software installation, testing, performance tuning, upgrading, and maintenance.  Systems are designed to be highly available, scalable and secure. Nick Scheib, Manager, Systems Engineering and Administration Group


Mark Kassellhut coordinates WebCampus, UNLV's online course management system (formerly known as WebCT) across several units on campus.

OIT Internal Support Units

These groups work closely with OIT employees to support their projects and objectives.

  • Communications & Creative Services creates OIT's print publications, sends notifications to campus, prepares presentations, briefings, lab signage, and also maintains the OIT websites. Trish Harrison.
  • OIT Business Management Group manages OIT's budget, recruiting and hiring, student payroll, internal IDR billing, and other internal administrative services that help to keep employees and projects running smoothly. Georgia Stergios, Manager
  • Internal Operations Support manages OIT's procurement, contracts, inventory, and general support for OIT staff including keys, telephones, and motor pool requests. Paul Trinidad, Manager.