Faculty Computer Use Policy

Faculty members have an obligation to use computers at UNLV in accordance with the law and in a manner appropriate for representatives of the university. Failure to comply with the regulations below may result in disciplinary action under the University of Nevada System Code, or civil or criminal action under the Nevada Revised Statutes, or federal law.

It is a violation of UNLV policy to:

  1. Copy any copyrighted software provided by UNLV. It is a criminal offense to copy any software that is protected by copyright, and UNLV will treat it as such.
  2. Use licensed software in a manner inconsistent with the licensing agreement. The terms of all licenses held by UNLV or the UNS are incorporated by this reference in this policy. Information on licenses may be obtained from UNS Computing Services or the responsible campus entities.
  3. Copy, rename, alter, examine, or delete the files or programs of another person or UNLV without permission. This prohibition does not apply to faculty members when the files or programs (a) are in student accounts for a class they teach or (b) are suspected of being in violation of the Student Use Agreement and the faculty member is conducting an investigation.
  4. Create, disseminate or run a self-replicating program ("virus"), whether destructive in nature or not
  5. Use a computer for non-university work, such as for private consulting or a small business.
  6. Use software on campus, whether on a UNLV-owned computer or not, unless the faculty member is legally licensed to do so.
  7. Access or attempt to access a host computer, either at UNLV or through a network, without the owners permission, and/or through use of log-in information belonging to another person.
  8. Use a computer in any way that is prohibited by the UNS Code, Nevada Revised Statutes sections 205.473 through 205.477 (Unlawful Use of a Computer), the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, Section 1030 of United States Code Title 18, or any subsequent legislation which are incorporated by reference in this policy.