More Technology Services

Many units at UNLV employ technical staff to meet their unique technology needs. Contact them directly it you work in the areas listed below.

Colleges & Schools


Justin Griggs
702-895-0790, justin [dot] griggs [at] unlv [dot] edu

  • Desktop support
  • Minor network support
  • Web development

Dental Medicine

Help Desk
702-774-2569, sdmhelpdesk [at] unlv [dot] edu
Shadow Lane Campus, Building B room 247

  • Network support (server systems & peripherals)
  • Desktop & laptop support
  • A/V support
  • Clinical application support
  • Help desk


College of Education Technology Support Office
Young Bok Kim
702-895-3762, young [dot] kim [at] unlv [dot] edu


Kari Locke
702-895-5897, kari [dot] locke [at] unlv [dot] edu

Fine Arts

Rob Mader
702-895-4402, robert [dot] mader [at] unlv [dot] edu
HFA - 301

  • Help desk support
  • Server configuration and support
  • Database design and support
  • Music technology lab management
  • Computer deployment

Hotel Administration

Trevor Brown
702-895-1381, trevor [dot] brown [at] unlv [dot] edu
BEH 240

  • Tech support for all departments college
  • Server administrator
  • Deployment of new and rebuilt systems
  • IT equipment & inventory control


Help Desk
702-895-5298, helpdesk [at] law [dot] unlv [dot] edu
BSL-S 320

  • Server support
  • Tech support
  • Deployment of computers and software
  • Image development
  • Website development and maintenance



Academic Advising

Roy Hessinger
702-895-2037, roy [dot] hessinger [at] unlv [dot] edu

  • Database administration
  • Advisor Trac administration
  • Advising technology
  • SIS and DARS support - for access & issues

Center for Academic Enrichment (CAEO)

IT Division
702-774-4214, caeo-it [at] unlv [dot] edu
Tropicana Office - Suite 500

  • Tech support and troubleshooting
  • Network and server support
  • Database and applications support
  • Website development and maintenance
  • IT equipment purchases, maintenance and inventory control

Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies

Kris Davidson

  • System support
  • Network support
  • Server support
  • Technical interface to outside world (UNLV; other edu, gov't, and business entities; public)

Residential Hall Computing Support (Rebel Repair)

Help Desk
702-895-5324, rebelrepair [at] unlv [dot] edu

Thomas & Mack Computer Services

Help Desk
895-4722, tmchelpdesk [at] unlv [dot] edu
TMC - 31A

  • Tech support
  • Network support
  • UNLVTickets support
  • Server support
  • Web design

University Libraries

University Libraries offers one-on-one and customized training sessions to develop student and faculty research and technology skills, as well as providing assistive technologies and services, a Multimedia Design Studio, and extensive media services.

Technical staff in the libraries provide the following services:

  • Direct end-user PC support to 120+ staff of the University Libraries.
  • Support of the network infrastructure supporting the library. Several of these server based systems are used by multiple entities at UNLV and by NSHE Libraries in southern Nevada.
  • Procurement, installation, software/hardware support
  • Design and maintenance of the Libraries' websites, including blogs, wikis, etc.
  • Database design and programming in support of the Libraries' web-based applications as well as back-end programming.
  • Design, development, and hosting of library-created digital collections. Such projects offer worldwide access to unique materials found at UNLV and nowhere else, highlighting Las Vegas, Nevada, and the American West.