Software Installation in Computing Facilities

Request for Software Installation Policy for Computer Facilities (DRAFT – 4/21/09)

All software installed in computer facilities on campus must have appropriate licenses. To ensure that each piece of software is licensed, and to allow our staff sufficient time to install and test for compatibility with our current infrastructure, the following policies are in affect. Please find below a list of the facilities that we support, and the procedures for requesting software to be installed in them. Employees requesting software installations are responsible for procuring and providing the licenses, media, and documentation that gives us permission to install the software in our facilities.

Computer Labs – Maintained by Classroom Technology Services, computer labs are specifically setup for student access, and are typically monitored by a student employee. Open hours are posted on the outside door and on the labs website. Under normal circumstances, the facility is open to all students.

Computer Teaching Labs – Maintained by Classroom Technology Services, teaching labs are used by faculty to teach university courses that have a strong computer component. In some cases these labs are also open to students outside of normally scheduled classes. If this is the case, the open hours will be posted.

Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TECS) – General university classrooms with technology included as a permanent fixture in the room. These facilities generally have computer, DVD/VCR, Data Projector, and laptop support.

To request software installation in the facilities listed above, provide the following information and e-mail to ithelp [at] unlv [dot] edu. If proof of licenses and media are hard copies, then the documents must be provided to Instructional Technology Services at Classroom Building Complex Room 132 (CBC B132) or sent to mailcode 1032. It would be helpful if you communicate the information below in your packaging.

  1. All license and purchase information (i.e., license agreements, purchase orders, emails from vendors, or letters that prove ownership). Documentation should also include any install codes and the number of authorized licenses to be installed as well as authorization to install on university “publicly accessible” computers (i.e. TECs, Labs).
  2. If the software comes with a book used for your class, and you want the software installed in the labs, we must have documentation from the publisher with permission to install, on how many computers, with installation instructions.
  3. The media (or copy) and at least one copy of documentation (documenting install procedures).
  4. The class, department, and college for which the software is to be used.
  5. How the software will be used in your class.
  6. Your name, email, and phone number (or that of the appropriate contact person).
  7. The labs in which the software is to be installed.

In addition to providing the above information, software installed is subject to the following terms:

You must provide enough licenses to install in an entire lab, or the software license must allow us to license based on concurrent use (we have the infrastructure in place that allows us to ensure concurrent use of any installed application). We will not install software on a couple of designated computers in the labs.

  1. Installations of faculty/staff specialty software must be submitted on a semester-to-semester basis, as we will not carry-over software from one semester to another without another request to install.
  2. There is no guarantee that software can be installed in all facilities, as the size of hard drive images may not allow all software to be installed in every facility.
  3. The faculty or staff member requesting the installation of the software is responsible for testing the software to ensure it works properly after installation, as they are familiar with how the software should operate. We will notify the requester when the software has been installed, so that they can test and confirm functionality.
  4. Support of your software will not be provided by our lab staff, as this is specialty software for your particular course. Please provide sufficient training to your students so they do not burden our lab support staff concerning questions about use of the software.

Software that will NOT be installed or supported in our facilities includes:

  • Shareware without purchases or licenses
  • Demo Software (or beta)
  • Unlicensed software of any kind
  • Software that interferes with the operation of a lab (i.e., software is incompatible with existing software or causes network or server problems).
  • Software for which OIT has not received advanced notification.

Deadlines (Computer Labs and Teaching Labs)

To ensure the timely installation of your software, submit your request to ITS by the following dates:

  • Fall classes August 1st
  • Spring classes January 1st
  • Summer 1, 2 & 3 May 1st

Deadlines (TEC’s)

  • 7 calendar days

Any software requests received after the deadline will be handled as time allows with no guarantee that it will be installed by the start of the semester. Any requests received after the deadline must also be accompanied with a written summary stating why the request was delayed.