Survey Results

2011 Student & Employee Survey Results

In April 2011, OIT distributed electronic surveys to a random sample of students and employees.

Student R​eport

Sent to 8,600 students; 1,149 respondents; 13% response rate

Employee Rep​ort

Sent to 2,329 employees; 995 respondents; 43% response rate

2009 New Employee Survey Results

Survey results that describe how employees new to UNLV feel about their technology experiences during their first fall semester.

2008 Student & Employee Survey Results

In November 2008, OIT distributed electronic surveys to a random sample of students and employees. OIT management drafted objectives based on the feedback provided in the results below.

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Student Reports

Sent to 6,667 students; 775 respondents; 12% response rate

Employee Reports

Sent to 2,774 employees; 930 respondents; 34% response rate

2007 Results

In August 2007, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) distrubuted a survey with its service brochure. About 5% of faculty and staff responded. Below are documents related to the survey and its results.



Download front and back copies of the survey distributed inside OIT's 2007 faculty & staff technology brochure.


Below OIT lists initiatives it plans to undertake in 2008-2009, in consideration of the survey results. An April Inside UNLV article highlights these initiatives as well.


  • Survey the campus about Lotus Notes to determine likes and dislikes of the system and then address those issues; study help desk calls to address requests for improvement placed in the past regarding the system
  • Upgrade to Lotus Notes 8, which includes an improved interface and additional features similar to Microsoft Outlook
  • Provide online tutorials and additional educational resources to help with use of advanced features and mail management in Lotus Notes
  • Investigate student perceptions of Rebelmail, the student e-mail system, and create a plan to address those issues.


  • Host a second security campaign this fall focusing on specific security tips, such as how to respond to a security breach, increase password security, and lock a desktop computer.
  • Gather feedback about UNLV’s file storage systems, create a plan to address specific concerns and needs, then communicate about how the improved services
  • Increase and improve communications about software purchasing processes
  • Open dialogue about both e-mail systems and host a Lotus Notes education campaign

Student Information Systems

  • OIT works closely with the NSHE integrate project to select a new student information system. The new system should help the university track data and automate processes related to student information.
  • Reorganizing portions of the OIT organization to meet the support demands of the new system when it arrives on campus

Continuing Dialogue with campus

  • Convert annual survey to electronic format and incorporate suggestions from last fall
  • Create more opportunities for campus constituents to provide input into the design and implementation of new products; for example, OIT will ask the campus to participate in beta-testing and usability studies
  • Follow-up surveys will accompany every third help request and that feedback will be used to improve services
  • Service-specific surveys regarding e-mail and file storage, for example, will be more frequent