Systems Engineering & Administration

We design, support and host enterprise and departmental server environments. The campus depends on us for reliable, redundant systems. We provide database administration, IT consulting, project research and feasibility studies, eDiscovery reports, and third-tier help desk support for Lotus Notes.

We administrate servers and databases for WebCampus, Lotus Notes, Oracle Data Warehouse, iNtegrate and more.

Database Administration

The database team designs, builds and maintains the systems that store some of UNLV's most important data.

  • Maintain database dictionaries
  • Tune database performance
  • Update & migrate databases
  • Load databases with information
  • Ensure data stored is recoverable, backed up & accessible
  • Collaborate with software engineers to populate database tables

Server Administration

This team supports servers housing Lotus Notes, WebCampus, custom applications and other enterprise and departmental applications.

  • Upgrade operating systems & applications
  • Tune server performance
  • Troubleshoot hardware & software
  • Maintain hardware & project growth
  • Ensure data on systems is backed-up, recoverable, & secure


Our goal in designing infrastructure is to build high performance, high availability systems while minimizing costs. We achieve this goal through simplification, consolidation and virtualization of the infrastructure and through technologies such as low-cost blade servers and application/database clustering.



  • Database System: Oracle 9i or 10g Database-- Enterprise Edition
  • Database Management Tool: Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager
  • Application Server: Oracle 10g Application Server
  • Business Intelligence Software: Cognos Business Intelligence
  • iNtegrate (Campus Solutions) - PeopleSoft


Most of our work begins with a help request submitted through the IT Help Desk.

Below is the process we follow when working with customers to build a new system.

  1. Customers submit a help request through the IT Help Desk or via the leadership team in OIT
  2. We contact you to schedule an appointment to determine your needs and document them.
  3. We research all available options and specify equipment unique to your needs.
  4. Provide you with a quote for service.
  5. Negotiate revisions to the plan and then implement it.