Classroom Technology

OIT provides classroom technology and an on-line course mangement system to support the academic aims of UNLV.  Descriptions of these services are provided at the links below:

Technology-Enhanced Classrooms (TECs)

Classrooms containing an instructor desk that includes mutlimedia equipment and a computer. Find a TEC on campus.

Multimedia Equipment Delivery

We deliver audio-visual technology to rooms that do not have it installed.


UNLV's on-line course management system, WebCampus (Blackboard Learn)


Resource for faculty members interested in using clicker technology in their courses.

Computer Teaching Facilities

Teaching facilities are computer labs where classes can be held.  If you need to teach in a lab, contact your department administrative assistant. Below is a list of locations with labs:

Room Department Seats
BEH 102 General 24
BEH 240 Hotel 48
BHS 451 Nursing 25
CBC C125 MIS 60
CBC C129 Computer Science 30
CBC C309 English 25
CBC C311 English 25
CBC C321 Math 25
FDH 245 General 31
GUA 1125 Communications 20
GUA 1126 Communications 20
TBE B350 Elec Engr 18
TBE B367 Civil/Mech Eng 33