Digital Signage

Digital signage allows departments across UNLV to share and distribute information on a network of wall-mounted screens.

Digital Sign in UNLV's FDH Building

Uses of Digital Signage

  • Promote campus or departmental news and events
  • Highlight student, faculty and staff accomplishments
  • Broadcast emergency safety alerts
  • Help people find their way around campus and your building

Services Provided

OIT provides the following digital signage services:

  • Initial service consultation
  • Purchase and installation coordination
  • AxisTV content publishing training
  • UNLV digital signage user group (mailing list) management
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting


Initial Costs

Though the costs can vary widely depending on many factors, below is an example of the typical cost for installation of one digital sign and one player:

  • 55" Flat Panel - $1,300
  • Player - $2,700
  • Infrastructure - $1,500
  • Installation  - $1,000
  • Total Install - $6,500

Annual Fees

Annual cost for support is paid centrally by OIT and recharged to campus customers each summer. Currently, the annual rate for support per player is $412, although this rate may fluctuate each year.

Windows Screen Saver Client

In addition to the full digital signage solution itemized above, Visix also offers a Windows screensaver option for just $200 annually. This solution allows you to display content on many PCs at once. Contact OIT to find out which solution will best suite your needs. 

Next Steps

Learn more about how to prepare for digital signage and what to expect next.