SEND (Student E-Newsletters from Departments)

SEND (Student E-Newsletters from Departments) is a web-based program that collects messages posted, and then creates e-newsletters for students. Messages can be targeted for students in a specific college and a specific department. A weekly collective e-mail is sent to students with content that is relevant to them, making communication more streamlined and efficient.

Facilitators manage this process. Messages for a given week are reviewed by a facilitator who then approves the messages and sends the collective e-newsletter to students. Each college assigns its own facilitator.

Send messages to students

  • Log in to SEND using your ACE account credentials.  Please note that only faculty and staff may submit to SEND.  If you are a student and wish to submit a message through SEND, please have a faculty or staff member do so on your behalf.
  • Create your message, selecting the targeted college and department - only those students will receive this post.
  • The college facilitator will review the messages and either approve or deny - you will be notified when this is done. You can view a list of college facilitators below, in case you need to communicate with them or need their assistance. 
  • Students will receive one weekly e-newsletter with all of the messages that pertain to them. This is delivered to Rebelmail accounts on the day and time selected by each college, though the day of delivery should be consistent each week.

If a college does not have a facilitator assigned yet, the dean needs to send an e-mail to ithelp [at] unlv [dot] edu stating the name of the person they would like to appoint as facilitator.

College facilitators review and approve messages for all departments within that college.

Need to send message to all students, regardless of college or department? Use RAVE.

Training and Support

Submitters can access the quick guide here. College facilitators can read through their version of the quick guide here. Please call the IT Help Desk at 702-895-0777 if you have additional questions.

College Facilitators

 Barbara Stevens  College of Business  barbara [dot] stevens [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Sara Gorgon  College of Business  sara [dot] gorgon [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Nicole Pavlico  College of Business  nicole [dot] pavlico [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Edmund Ronca  College of Education  edmund [dot] ronca [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Candace Warkentin  College of Education  candace [dot] warkentin [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Conrad Oh-Young  College of Education  conrad [dot] oh-young [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Don Hayes  Hughes College of Engineering  donald [dot] hayes [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Henry Selvaraj  Hughes College of Engineering  henry [dot] selvaraj [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Jennifer Kennedy  Hughes College of Engineering  jennifer [dot] kennedy [at] unlv [dot] edu
 John Minor  Hughes College of Engineering  john [dot] minor [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Maura Erickson  Hughes College of Engineering  maura [dot] erickson [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Mohamed Trabia  Hughes College of Engineering  mohamed [dot] trabia [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Peter Stubberud  Hughes College of Engineering  peter [dot] stubberud [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Rama Venkat  Hughes College of Engineering  rama [dot] venkat [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Robert Haug  Hughes College of Engineering  robert [dot] haug [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Woosoon Yim  Hughes College of Engineering  woosoon [dot] yim [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Warren Cobb  College of Fine Arts  warren [dot] cobb [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Delia Martin  College of Fine Arts  delia [dot] martin [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Lori Slinn  College of Fine Arts  lori [dot] slinn [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Shaun Sewell  College of Fine Arts  shaun [dot] sewell [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Erin Ryan  College of Hotel Administration  erin [dot] ryan [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Mary Albrecht  Division of Health Sciences  mary [dot] albrecht [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Julie Bartlett  Office of International Students and Scholars  julie [dot] bartlett [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Pat Loosbroock  College of Liberal Arts  pat [dot] loosbroock [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Sophie Parise  College of Liberal Arts  sophie [dot] parise [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Catherine Bacos  Boyd School of Law  catherine [dot] bacos [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Neil Oscarson  Army ROTC  neil [dot] oscarson [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Janet Reiber  College of Sciences  janet [dot] reiber [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Shane Bevell  College of Sciences  shane [dot] bevell [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Donna Ralston  Greenspun College of Urban Affairs  donna [dot] ralston [at] unlv [dot] edu
 David Forgues  Academic Success Center  david [dot] forgues [at] unlv [dot] edu
 Mary Ritacca  Academic Success Center  mary [dot] ritacca [at] unlv [dot] edu