Data Centers

Save money, time and effort by collocating your server in an OIT data center. The following are six smart reasons to colocate your server with OIT, as well as an overview of data center locations and services provided:

Dedicated Cooling for Servers

OIT's dedicated data center spaces are designed to meet the power and cooling demands of today's servers. Air flow in our data centers is designed specifically to keep servers cool in the most efficient way possible for each location. The air conditioning units in our data centers distribute cool air to the front of servers and consume the server's hot exhaust air. Our cooling units are serviced regularly by certified staff, stopping problems before they start, and are also monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Monitored and Redundant Power

Each data center is protected by an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which provides backup battery power in the event of a power outage and regulates utility power fluctuations that might damage your server. Our data centers have backup diesel generators that will take over power production during extended outages. Power distribution in the data center has multiple layers of redundant components to help prevent power loss to your server in the event of a hardware failure. Our UPS’s are serviced regularly by certified staff, stopping problems before they start, and are also monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advanced Networking and Firewall Services

Our data centers use a redundant network design to ensure multiple paths through the network. Also, our staff will consult with you about security needs and help to design firewall rules to meet those needs. Please note that for these reasons, your server's IP address will change if you choose us as your server host. See our Guides and Rules, and our Data Centers Firewall Guide for more information.

Monitoring and Notification Services

In addition to 24-7 monitoring of cooling and power, OIT staff inspect facilities weekly to proactively maintain the data center environment. OIT staff contact you directly if problems occur.

Easy Access to Your Server

We make it easy for you to administrate the operating system and applications on your server. We offer you Keyboard Video Mouse over Internet Protocol (IP KVM). IP KVM enables you to remotely manage your server as if you were physically standing in front of it. You can watch it boot up. You can even connect your local machine's CD/DVD device directly to the server. Alternatively, when you want physical access to your server, we're happy to let you in according to the site-specific procedures. Learn more about how to administrate your server with Data Centers Server Access information.

Currently, No Charge

At this time OIT does not charge a data center co-location fee. If this policy changes we will give you notice at least one fiscal year before implementation so you can plan appropriately.

UNLV Data Center Locations

We will help determine the best data center location for your servers.  The features of UNLV's three data centers are highlighted in the table below. All locations are monitored 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. OIT staff contact you if problems occur.



UPS Power  Yes  Yes


Dedicated Cooling Yes Yes 
Access to Server Remote: IP KVM
Marlok and remote
Remote: IP KVM
Escort required
Surveillance  Yes  Yes
Firewall  Yes  Yes
Available Bandwidth to Server  1-10 Gb  1-10 Gb


Additional Services Provided

The Operations Center provides server cabinet space based on available capacity and your requirements. The services included with data center are:

  • racking and un-racking your equipment
  • notification of planned and unplanned changes that affect your equipment or degrade the data center service
  • physical access for your services representatives to equipment within a reasonable time frame on a 24/7 basis
  • IP addressing and DNS/DHCP services for your equipment
  • remote access through IP KVM as requested
  • environmental monitoring and related reports
  • video surveillance and related information when available as requested

Note that the Operations Center will never install any software on your equipment, and will complete additions, changes or removals to your DNS/IP reservations and ACL/Firewall rules when it is requested by you. The Operations Center may notify customers with security or other software recommendations. Installation and use is entirely voluntary.

To get a complete overview of the technology provided at each data center, please read the Data Center Facilities Overview.

Get Started

We can usually begin collocating a server within a week of the initial request, if we are able to meet with you and settle upon requirements fairly quickly. Here’s how to get started:

Ask for support. 

Email ithelp [at] unlv [dot] edu to request collocating services or schedule a tour of our facilities. Our staff will create a help request for tracking purposes.  

Talk with us. 

The Operations Center will host a meeting with you to document specifications and draft a service agreement. We will be able to determine at this meeting whether or not we can colocate your server. 

Schedule the move. 

The Operations Center will contact you to schedule the server move or installation. You will be responsible for powering off the server and communicating with your customers about the outage and change to service. OIT staff unrack and rerack your server. Note: If you choose us to colocate your server, your server’s IP address will change. 

Related Services

OIT also offers managed hosting services including server administration, application administration, and backup services. If any of those services interest you, please let us know using the get started steps above.