Home Internet Service

Below are the most popular technologies to receive internet service in your home or when you're on the go. Below is a list of some possible local vendors. 

DSL and Cable Internet Providers

Good for high speed Internet to your home. DSL and cable services are available to nearly every home in the Las Vegas area. Most providers offer incentives for bundling other home communications services such as digital television and home telephone packages for better pricing.

High Speed Internet over wireless (4G)

A good solution if you have a laptop and need internet access as you travel around town. Wireless high-speed internet is very new to the Las Vegas area. Pricing and speeds are similar to those of Cable and DSL Modems. These services have the added benefit that you can  receive mobile high-speed internet throughout most of the valley.


Great for remote areas where other options are not available. Speeds can be much faster than dial-up access but not typically as fast cable or DSL services.