OIT provides network services for most units at UNLV (excluding the residence halls and libraries who have their own networking staff). This website provides basic information about the UNLV Network:

Troubleshooting connectivity issues

Campus network systems are monitored 24/7 by OIT staff. Equipment failures are promptly addressed. However, individual computers may malfunction or network systems may fail in a manner that is not evident to campus monitoring systems. Below are some steps for verifying your network service.

  1. Verify that the cable from the computer to the network outlet is properly connected and shows no signs of physical damage.
  2. Examine the network outlet on the back of the computer; if the link between the computer and the building's network equipment is working correctly you should see a green light on most computers.
  3. If the above steps are complete, try viewing web pages from the computer and note any error messages. Try using e-mail or other network programs such as instant messaging software and note any error messages
  4. Ask office staff in your area if their network service is working correctly.
  5. Contact the IT Help Desk.

How to attach new printers to the network

To connect a printer to the campus data network, the printer must have a network interface card. The IT Help Desk can assist you with specifying the appropriate printer for your office. Once you receive a printer, contact the help desk for assistance with enabling all your office staff to print to the central printer. The help desk will supply a network cable, activate the network drop, and assign a name to the printer so that computers in your office can communicate with it.

Scan Documents and Send to Email

If your department has a Xerox printer/scanner you can scan documents and have them sent directly to your email address. To have this service setup in your office, please contact Victor Cinelli at 895-2715.

Add Wired Network Outlets

Wired connections for Computers/Printers/Laptops

Campus office and classroom spaces are cabled for high-speed network connectivity. A network outlet is usually located 18”– 24” above the floor. A patch cable connects the network card on the back of your computer to the wall port. When moving into a new office space you may need to contact the IT Help Desk in order to have the network outlet in your office or classroom made active.

Adding wired outlets to your campus location

You may need to add network wall ports to your office or classroom location to provide service to more computers, printers or other network devices. All network wiring installations are completed by the Planning and Constuction Office (P&C). P&C provides construction professionals who can ensure that all building fire safety and materials safety codes are met during installation.  This process can be started by placing a request through the Planning and Construction Service Desk. Providing as much information as possible will help expedite the work. Here are the general steps that take place in adding network wiring to a location:

  • Place a request through the Planning and Construction Service Desk or call 895-2500
  • A UNLV Planning and Construction Project Manager will contact you in order to review the location and further define your requirements
  • The Project Manager will work with OIT to determine any parts or labor beyond the cost of construction which may be required to complete the network wiring
  • The Project Manager will provide a cost estimate to you
  • Your department will process an IDR to fund the cost of the work.
  • The IDR will be converted to purchase orders through the UNLV Purchasing Department and forwarded to the cabling contractor and/or equipment vendors as necessary
  • The Project Manager will work with cabling contractors and OIT staff to schedule the work during a time when class or office activities will see minimal disruption
  • Once the work is completed the Project Manager will notify OIT staff
  • OIT network staff will review the completed work and verify that the installation complies with  UNLV Wiring Specifications
  • Once the work has been verified, OIT staff will connect the newly installed wiring to the campus network and notify the Project Manager that the new wiring is ready for use
  • When your service is verified to be working correctly, the work request will be closed


The IT Help Desk is immediately notified when outages occur on the campus data network. However, some systems may malfunction in a fashion that is not immediately apparent to monitoring systems. If you believe there is an outage in your area, follow the troubleshooting steps above. Contact the help desk for information or to report an outage that may be affecting your area.

You may want to designate one person from your area who will be readily available to report an outage so that the help desk has a single point of communication when trying to assist with the issue.


You can learn more about using wireless at UNLV, wireless locations and many other details at If you need wireless access in your area, contact the IT Help Desk or call 895-0777.

Wiring Specifications

UNLV's wiring standards must be strictly enforced to account for new technologies connecting to the campus network. Construction consultants are responsible for adhering to the specifications outlined in the current UNLV Wiring Specifications document. For details about UNLV IT infrastructure requirements, including MDF/IDF standards, are see the interim policy.

Questions regarding the specifications should be directed to your UNLV Planning & Construction project manager.