Plan to buy a personal computer?

UNLV employees, if you plan to buy a computer for home use, be sure to check out deals offered by UNLV’s preferred vendors. Apple and Dell offer discounts to UNLV employees for personal purchases. The site also recommends minimum computer specifications, such as how much memory you should include in your purchase.  

Use the UNLV discount, but make sure you have your computer delivered to your home.

If you need software for your new computer, being a UNLV employee again has its benefits. Software costs vary for personal purchases, but the savings are substantial. For example, you can get Microsoft office products for free as part of the UNLV Campus Agreement with Microsoft. To qualify for the software, you must be a full-time faculty or staff member. To obtain the software, complete a form from the IT Help Desk, show your employment identification, and take a CD home with you to install on your own computer.  Adobe products can be purchased for your home computer through CDWG.  Visit for great educational discounts.

Please keep in mind that support services and software polices are different for personal purchases than for office purchases. For example, UNLV technicians cannot service personal computers, even if you use the computer to complete UNLV work. Servicing personal computers would present liability issues if unexpected damages occur. Also, staff resources are limited and dedicated to providing quality support for campus technology.  Software prices are different for UNLV-owned computers covered under site licenses, agreements, or contracts. Discounts for personal use lower the cost, but are not the same as institutional purchases.

Here is and example of a popular software package from Adobe and the pricing differences:

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium (for Mac):
•    UNLV-tagged computer: 279
•    Personal computer, with educational discount: 556
•    Standard retail cost if purchased elsewhere: 1,700

Go to OIT computer purchasing and software websites.