Team Drives for Google Drive is now available

We are excited to announce that Team Drives, a new feature in Google Drive that makes working in teams easier, is now available for UNLVMail and Rebelmail.

Team Drives are shared drive spaces where teams can store files and documents, similar to Google’s current collaborative file sharing, but with a few new features designed with teams in mind:

  • Easier access management: Every person added to a Team Drive gets instant access to that team’s files and documents. As team members are added or removed from teams, their permissions get updated automatically.

  • Improved document continuity: Team Drives are designed to store the team’s work collectively. If a document’s creator leaves the team, any documents they’ve created will still remain shared in the Team Drive.

  • Simpler sharing: Files and folders in a Team Drive can be moved around and reorganized within the Team Drive without it impacting the sharing options that have already been set.

Note: Folders and files in Team Drive will not sync with your Google Drive desktop client at this time.  Google will release a new desktop sync application sometime this year that will sync with Team Drive.

To get started and learn how to create a team drive, visit the Learning center tutorials.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk.