Computer security is your responsibility - here’s what you need to know.

As UNLV starts the academic year, the Office of Information Technology would like to remind everyone protecting our campus technology starts with you. Here’s what you need to know to do your part:

Information Security 101

For more information, please visit the Acceptable Use of Computing and Information Technology Resources Policy, the Password Policy and the Password Standards documents.

Be Good Network Stewards

  • Contact OIT when you need to add computers, printers or other accessories to the wired or wireless network. Do not self install computer equipment. We will help configure your device’s settings to work best on UNLV’s enterprise network while keeping it secure.

  • If you need additional Wi-Fi coverage in your area, please make sure you submit a request to the OIT Help Desk and we can see what options are available. Do not install Wireless Access Points (WAPs) or create your own Wi-Fi networks, as these are not adequately secure and create interference with legitimate network equipment.

  • Wi-Fi Direct and HP Wireless Direct on printers disrupt the campus Wi-FI system and create other security vulnerabilities. Please disable these features.

For more information about these requirements, visit the Network Access Compliance Policy and the Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) Policy.

Stay Informed

  • Sign up for Phishing Alerts and visiting the Smart Computing Phishing Alerts page to learn about active campus phishing attacks.

  • Visit OIT’s website frequently for campus technology news and updates.

  • If you are an IT support specialist in your department or organization, subscribe to UNLV Techinfo emails for in-depth announcements and updates, including scheduled outages, security alerts, and news about upgrades. Email ithelp [at] unlv [dot] edu to request access to Techinfo.

Help us make this a secure computing year by engaging in best practices and knowing the policies.

If you have any questions or concerns about campus computer security, please contact the IT Help Desk.