Computer Teaching Facilities Support

Computer labs with Instructor stations and AV equipment. Reserved for specific classes.


Manager Responsible:

Service Hours:

Varying hours, M - Sat 7am to Midnight.

Customer Procedures:

Service request through CTS support by phone 895-0771 or walk-in CBC B133.


Immediate support over the phone. If that doesn't work a staff member will be dispatched to classroom for resolution. Facilities Supervisor available to faculty to ensure computer configuration meets pedagogical requirements. Specialized software may be installed and requires proper licensing. Shareware, beta software is not installed or supported. Students can install specialized software without jeopardizing the reliability of the computer for the next student but it will be removed upon computer reboot.


  • Instructional Technology and Multimedia Services
  • Labs and Classrooms

Customer Expectations:

1 business day response or immediate support via phone with dispatch support to classroom.