Computer Surplus

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will handle the transfer of computers into surplus to ensure that the device is disposed of properly and all sensitive data is removed. If you have a PC or Mac that you would like to surplus, please fill out the form provided.

  • OIT will process your request and contact you to schedule a time to pick up your items
  • The items will be picked up and verified
  • All data will be removed from your device
  • Property Control will be notified to remove the items from your inventory

In addition to your surplused computer, we only accept the following peripherals:

  • keyboards
  • mice
  • trackpads
  • monitors

We do not accept other types of equipment (e.g. printers, office furniture, etc). To surplus those items, contact Thunder Warehouse at (702) 895-5384.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the Workday transition (September 2017), departments will not have access to transfer ownership of tagged assets to OIT. As a result, this form will notify Property Control and OIT of the transfer of ownership. Property Control will then update AssetWorks for your department.

For Questions about surplusing computers, contact Luis Pierrott at (702) 895-1761.
For Questions about surplusing other inventory, contact Thunder Warehouse at (702) 895-5384.
Requester Information

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Device Information

If you have more than 10 computers to surplus, please submit an additional form.

Enter the Property ID Number for each Computer.

Do you have additional peripherals to surplus?

Additional Information
Verification Word
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