Servers & File Storage

A server is a computer that handles requests for data, e-mail, file transfers, and other network services from other computers. OIT hosts and supports many servers for UNLV.

Student File Storage & Servers

Once students activate a computing account, several services are available via student servers.

File storage

Access files from home, school, and anywhere Internet access is available. Students have 100 megabytes of network storage space accessible on campus computer lab workstations or via the web at Learn more about student file storage.

Print services

Students can use the ACE account to print in labs. Learn more about student printing

Web services

Students can publish personal web pages by using the Y: drive. Learn more about publishing student webpages

Faculty & Staff Servers

Faculty and staff can use OIT File Services to store files on the network. Called the "Cluster," it offers:

Personal File Storage

2.5 gigabytes of network storage, accessible through drives mapped to your Windows workstation. For help with connecting to your drives from off campus or from a Mac, contact the IT Help Desk

Network Storage Backup

As a convenience, OIT provides a complimentary network storage backup of all user's folders. Restoration of deleted or overwritten files is available upon request. File restoration is limited to 14 days, after 14 days the archives are overwritten.

Department Windows Server Hosting

OIT hosts services for select Microsoft Windows file, web, and application servers in its secure data center. We provide secure Windows server administration and hardware monitoring, in addition to file and system backup options. For more information on server hosting, please contact the IT Help Desk.

Enterprise Server & Application Hosting

OIT's Systems Engineering and Administration group provides hosting and administration services for on-campus enterprise servers and applications in a highly-available, secure, and redundant environment. Comprehensive enterprise systems and database administration services are provided for enterprise-level applications running on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X Server, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux.

For more information on the acquisition and hosting of enterprise servers and applications, please contact IT Help Desk.

Purchase a server

Before purchasing a server for UNLV, please contact IT Help Desk. Our Systems Engineering and Administration Group can help you work through server issues such as physical security, network security, uptime, performance, client access, and support for servers.