QWS3270 Secure

Type of software:

  • Administrative
  • Security

Operating system:

  • Windows

Available to:

  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • Free

QWS3270 Secure is a terminal emulation software that provides secure access to SIS and Advantage.


Provides secure connections between Windows systems and IBM mainframes and helps manage terminal emulation and data transfer via the 3270, 5250, or FTP protocols.


Jolly Giant Software, Inc. - http://www.jollygiant.com/

How to get software:

All computers prepared and deployed by OIT include QWS3270 Secure.

Contact the IT Help Desk to request installation if necessary, or download and install the software yourself: Click the link below to download and run the installation program. Use your ACE credentials to authenticate.

QWS3270 Media Download

How to install QWS3270:

  1. The installation program will run for up to several minutes, please don't interrupt this process.
  2. Once the installation finishes, a message will display saying that QWS3270 Secure Setup has been completed successfully.
  3. Click OK.

Support & Training:

Supported by:

  • IT Help Desk

Type of support provided:

  • Help with use
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Purchasing Assistance

Available in these computer labs:


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