Systems Access & Security Clearance

OIT coordinates the security clearance process for individuals who need access to UNLV student and employee data.

For access to the systems below, complete these series of forms and send them to mail stop 1050. The Applications Security Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the process is completed and documented.

  • Human Resources Management (HRMS)
  • Web Contracts
  • Advantage/Financial Data Warehouse
  • Data Warehouse (Oracle)
  • MyUNLV (Administrative Access)

Secure Connection Software

You will need secure software in order to access servers housing Advantage and HRMS data. To establish a secure connection to the Mustang server, you must download QWS3270 (Windows) or TN3270x (Mac).The instructions below explain more about the software. Call the IT Help Desk at 895-0777 for help with using or installing the secure connection software.


  1. Start the installation. To authenticate, use your UNLVMail login information. If prompted to Run or allow the application to start, click on Run or Yes.
  2. Once you start installation, allow the software to install itself and click OK when it is finished.
  3. After setup successfully completes, click OK.
  4. You will see new icons on your desktop called HRMS-Advantage You also have a new selection in your Start menu, under All Programs, called QWS3270.


  1. Download the TN3270x file.
  2. Double click on tn3270_X_3.2.4.dmg
  3. Open the tn3270 X 3.2.4 folder if necessary, and then open the Applications folder on the Macintosh HD.
  4. Drag the tn3270 X icon into the Applications folder if it's not already there.
  5. Double click on tn3270X in the Applications folder.
  6. Click the Special icon.
  7. Change the Security to SSL and then click OK.
  8. For Host Name, type, Window Title HRMS-Advantage.
  9. Click Open Connection and a welcome screen appears.
  10. Click on the File menu and select Save Settings As
  11. Select a location and change the Save As name to HRMS-Advantage and then click Save. Installation is complete.

To use the new HRMS-Advantage connection, go to the location you selected in step 10 and double click the new icon.

New Secure FTP QFTP (Windows only)

Nevada's System Computing Services requires secure FTP connections to HRMS/Advantage (Mustang). If you use FTP to connect to these services, please install this secure FTP client to ensure uninterrupted access and use of the applications. NOTE: This installation is only necessary for PCs.

  1. Click this link to download the software.
  2. Launch the installer.
  3. A dialog box will appear when the installation is complete - click the OK button.
  4. After installation you will have a new application selection in your Start - All Programs menu called QFTP File Transfer. Click the QFTP Version 2.6 item to open the new application.