Technology Status Page

The technology status page,, shows you the current state of OIT and campus services. You can even subscribe to notifications to get up-to-date reports on what's going on with campus technology. 

Subscribing to incident notifi​cations

  1. Visit the status page,
  2. Click on "Subscribe to Updates"
  3. Choose how you would like to be notified 

Service s​​tatus

  • Operational - The service is working as normal. If you think there’s an issue with the service that we might not know about yet, contact the IT Help Desk.
  • Partial outage - Service is available, although not performing as expected. Some features may be unavailable or the service is intermittently unavailable. 
  • Major outage - The service is completely unavailable.

Service Descripti​ons


Web applications such as RAVE, Employee Locator, iLeave, Munis, Archibus, Lotus Notes, etc.

Computing Services

Services that support accessing computers and network file storage, including FPAC, ACE, Rebelfiles, OIT File Services, etc.

Google Apps (UNLVMail/Rebelmail)

UNLVMail and Rebemail run on Google Apps, which include Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, etc.


UNLV’s class management system. 


Wired and wireless networks, VPN, and other systems that allow access to the Internet or to resources on campus from off campus.


UNLV’s course management system. 


UNLV websites, including the main site, OIT websites, faculty webpages, etc.